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We aim to list all companies and organisations local to Knaresborough at no charge at all. You may well find that you are already on this site – try searching the Business & Organisation Directory on the menu to the right. If your business is missing, incomplete or out of date, please advise us via this button:
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(Please note: we do make checks to ensure that updates are accurate).

Feature listing your company or organisation.

Search Google for Knaresborough and what comes top of their list? We do. The same applies to Bing. Now you can become top of our list too.

Whilst this site is run on a voluntary basis, we do need funds to meet the costs associated with its maintenance. We list local businesses and organisations free, but also offer a Featured Listing option as below at only £11.95 for a full 4 months. No VAT charges apply at present. We invoice you at the END of the period agreed.

Listing Options:


All businesses or organisations locally receive a listing which includes:

  • Business/Organisation Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number(s) – up to 2
  • Fax
  • 1 Category of Listing

Please advise us of any changes / updates relating to your details and we will update your basic listing at no charge. Security checks will apply.


All the Free Listing elements PLUS:

  • Automatic ‘Top of the List’ gold rosette feature ensures you appear above non-featured listings in your categories
  • Up to 3 categories
  • Up to 3 images / logo
  • Free text to promote your services, products, hours, give directions etc
  • Your email (click to email)*
  • Your website link (click to visit)*
  • Your Facebook link (click to visit)*
  • Your Twitter link (click to visit)*
  • Your Google+ link (click to visit)*
  • An opportunity to nominate a local school, voluntary or charitable group for a free enhanced listing (their listing names you as sponsor).

(* as applicable)

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer please get in touch then we’ll ensure we have all the text and images needed to make you stand out!!

‘Grab their attention’ animated advertising on this site.

Animated illustrated adverts (see top of this page for examples)

  • Animated square (right sidebar) which appears on all pages other than ‘History’. This advert appears for 12 seconds at a time – maximum of 10 adverts displayed in one circuit. (Guarantees your presence at least 12 seconds every 2 minutes).
  • We are happy to use your artwork or will supply. Price: 4 calendar months for £11.95.
  • Banner advert at top of pageThis unmissable advert appears for 12 seconds at a time – maximum of 6 adverts displayed in one circuit (Guarantees your presence at least 12 seconds in every 72).
  • Design options for this ad are less flexible but useful for ‘short sharp’ promotions – eg sales, one-off events, limited offers etc). Priced at: 4 months for £14.95.

All adverts have ‘click-through’ facility to take customers to your website, price list, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or to email you.

For all animated adverts, the first advert is selected in rotation and ads then appear sequentially.
All advertising slots are available strictly on a first come, first served basis. Once available capacity is reached, subscribers will have to wait for next availability. Slots may be booked in advance.

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