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An Oral History

At an everyday level, Knaresborough, like most towns, has a vast and fascinating local history which is going to disappear unless Knaresborians, old and young, make an effort to record it. To that end, you are invited to contribute to feva’s 2019 Knaresborough Remembered project.

We are going to record the local memories of townspeople and set up a webpage for feva 2019 on which you can set down your memories of life in our town during your childhood and teens – anonymously if you wish – any time from the 1930s to the 2000s. You will also be able to log in and listen to other people’s memories. Hopefully, this way, others’ ideas will spur you on.

I will be available in the Library from 10am-12 noon and 1pm-3pm most Wednesdays to support you in recalling your thoughts. Please contact Martin on 07795 338803 if you are interested. You are welcome to talk about any aspect of Knaresborough life in the past but here are a few suggestions to spark your thinking:

Schooldays: favourite teachers, feared teachers, playground games, discipline, favourite and least favourite subjects, school trips, school sports, memorable events and incidents, leaving school, getting your first job,

Going out: places in town where you used to play and the things you got up to, hobbies, outdoor events, church or chapel, Sunday School, scouts and guides, holiday events and adventures, the Waterside, Mother Shipton’s Cave, the zoo, courting, places where you met the opposite sex, clubs, cafes, eating out, first going to pubs

Shops: where you did your shopping, what shops were like before the supermarkets, memorable shop-keepers

People: any notable local characters – heroes, villains, heart-throbs, vicars, doctors, tramps and vagrants, travellers, holiday-makers in the town, elderly relatives, people who told you their memories of Victorian Knaresborough, World War One veterans

…or anything else that strikes you as relevant.

With luck, we’ll begin to lay down memories for future generations this year and keep the project going and expanding after this year’s feva.

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